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Note: anyone considering following any special dietary or other treatment options for serious diseases should do so only with the advice and guidance of their health practitioner. 

The Breuss Cancer Cure

RUDOLF BREUSS   "To my mind, healing means returning a malfunctioning human body to full unrestricted function, not to remove parts of it by operation or amputation"

When a book has sold over 900,000 copies, been translated into five languages, purports to describe a simple and effective healing prescription for some of the deadliest diseases known to man and boasts of over 45,000 testimonials from cured sufferers.... well....one has to at least sit up and take notice! And this is exactly what Adelaide (Australia) herbalist Hilde Hemmes did on a recent business trip to Germany where she learned of an extraordinary book that documented an alternative method of curing cancer and other seemingly incurable diseases.

The book, Cancer/Leukaemia by Rudolf Breuss, so inspired Hilde that she knew she had to publish it in Australia. "What convinced me most about the book, apart from the simple and effective cures, were the convincing testimonials written by those who were cured of disease" said Hilde. "Over 45,000 people attest to the fact that Breuss 's simple treatment had cured them, often after they had been 'given up' by the orthodox medical establishment. This evidence was hard to ignore! I just had to let my herbal friends in Australia share with this man's extraordinary gift for healing."

Rudolf Breuss was a healer from Austria, an educated man who had an incredible understanding of, and love for, his fellow human beings. Born in 1899, he turned his attention to finding an alternative and more gentle treatment for cancer and other diseases than that offered by conventional medicine. It was a simple German book written over 300 years previously that expounded the value and use of fruit and vegetable juices which was to capture his attention and direct his work for the rest of his life.

Breuss maintained that cancer, whenever it occurs in the body, feeds and grows from protein. He therefore deduced that if one fasted for what has now been confirmed as an ideal period of 42 days, during which various herbal teas and juices are taken to detoxify, cleanse and eliminate, the cancer would starve, be absorbed and subsequently pass out of the body one way or another. Radical thinking that flew in the face of the accepted medical wisdom, but is now used all over the world and known as the Breuss Total Cancer Treatment.

Raw fruit and vegetable juices have always been used and recommended in natural medicine as part of the healing system for many ailments and chronic complaints. Raw juices contain antioxidants and living enzymes that science has identified as an imperative part of everyone's diet if they wish to stay healthy and maintain a defense against all the toxins of today's environment.

It is against this backdrop that Rudolf Breuss developed his Total Cancer Treatment, utilising the therapeutic properties of vegetable juices and herbal teas that have been implicated in the cure of many types of cancer.

Breuss developed a specific mixture of organically grown carrot, beetroot, celery, Chinese radish and potato worked wonders on his patients. His mixture provided, in liquid form, all of the minerals and vitamins required by the body during the 42 day fast, whilst the body's own resources are used in dealing with the diseased tissue. Testimonial after testimonial confirmed that his treatment worked.

The same blend of the juice is used in all manners of diseases, taken for a lesser period of time or with food, depending on the severity of the condition. Breuss's book outlines cures for a variety of ailments - serious and those not so serious.

Various cancers, leukaemia and prostate disorders - even hay fever and infertility - have a cure according to Breuss!

When he was in his eighties, Breuss was taken to court by the Austrian medical fraternity who considered his simple and inexpensive cure to be too simple and inexpensive! He was acquitted when his defense lawyer, a cancer sufferer cured by Breuss, presented an entourage of cured patients who all attested to the success of his Total Cancer Treatment. The Austrian President, Rudolf Kirchschlaeger, even intervened on his behalf!

When it got to the stage that Breuss could no longer cope with the huge demands of sufferers on his time, he retired. In order that his methods should continue to be available he put his life's work into a book which was published first in German and subsequently in French, Italian, Serbo Croat and English. Sales of the book now exceed 900,000 worldwide.

It is easy to see why Hilde Hemmes was so inspired when she heard his story. "Rudolf Breuss was a shining example of what a natural healer should be and he has been an inspiration to me. I have tried his six day vegetable and herbal tea cleansing diet and recommend that everyone should give their bodies a rest every six months. I felt absolutely fantastic and re-energised" said Hilde, who often works 14 hours a day.


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