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Goji Juice was good, but why choose just one healthy fruit... when now you can have them all!

New generation TanGOsteen juice blend is a carefully balanced wellness combination and includes Middle Eastern Pomegranate, South East Asian Mangosteen, Amazonian Acai and Himalayan Goji plus natural Dark Grape, Apple, Mango and Red Raspberry. These fruits and berries are highly valued globally for their natural levels of polysaccharides, xanthones, bioflavonoids, antioxidants and phyto-nutrients.

TanGOsteen juice blend is a rich wholefood source of naturally occurring antioxidants, xanthones, bioflavonoids, polysaccharides, phyto-nutrients, proteins, amino acids and vitamins. Each serve contains a high amount of ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity) units.

TanGOsteen is formulated with fully standardised and quantified extracts using a proprietary Cold Temp process and HPLC Herbal fingerprinting to maintain maximum nutrient value, potency and exacting quality control...

 Experience the GO factor... TanGOsteen tastes great and offers more than the RDA of ORAC units in each 30ml serve!

TanGOsteen juice is a premium blend of healthy nutrient-rich fruits and berries with a delightfully refreshing tropical flavour.

 Highest quality fruit and berries are carefully selected to be scientifically identified and tested using Thin Layer Chromatography which ensures that only the most nutritionally beneficial species with the highest amounts of bio-active constituents are used.

A proprietary low-temperature technique of blending and processing is utilised to avoid heat degradation, which protects and retains optimum nutrient levels.

The authenticated, nutrient-packed TanGOsteen Juice is then filled into white, UV resistant pharmaceutical grade recyclable bottles ready for your fridge or breakfast table.

TanGOsteen Frequently Asked Questions

How many fruits are used in TanGOsteen?

What is the suggested serving?
30ml daily, although more can be taken to suit individual tastes

How long will one bottle last?
33 servings – approx one month at the suggested serving size

Why does TanGOsteen have Potassium sorbate?
The most common way to avoid the use of a preservative in juice is to use pasteurisation or flash pasteurisation, which involves high temperatures and the degradation of antioxidants and nutrients.
We choose to avoid the high temperature approach (people are after all, attracted to healthy fruits for their antioxidant content) and prefer the use of a minimal amount of a single safe food grade preservative with a long history of usage globally.

Does TanGOsteen need to be refrigerated?
Yes but only after opening… plus it tastes great chilled!

How does TanGOsteen compare to single juices like Goji or Mangosteen?
Many people are familiar with dietary values attributed to fruits such as unique polysaccharides in Goji and Xanthones in Mangosteen. For example some antioxidants function on either a lipid (fat) or aqueous (water) level, but not both. By combining all the best fruits together, the nutrient profile is much wider with a greater range of phyto-nutrients.

I take Goji, can I drink TanGOsteen?
Yes, there is no agreed limit on a reasonable intake of healthy antioxidants from a dietary source. You could however consider alternating juices or combining TanGOsteen juice with Goji berries for example.

Can I grow these fruits and make my own juice?
Yes, it may be possible, however, practically speaking, the fruits all require different climates and growing conditions, are seasonal and would probably take many years to produce a crop that could be juiced.

 What health benefits can I expect?
TanGOsteen is a high quality juice, sold as a food and as such under local health regulations has no health claims.
The antioxidant content and nutrient profile of the fruits used in TanGOsteen will certainly help contribute towards a healthy nutritional intake and may be useful to people with specific dietary needs. 

Nutritional Information:

Servings per bottle: 33 - Serving size: 30ml   

Avg. Quantity 30ml 100ml
Energy 91.2kj 304kj
Protein 1.12g 3.73g
Fat Total 0.08g 0.27g
Saturated Fat 0.03g <0.1g
Carbohydrate -                    total 5.13g 17.08g
                 sugars 1.91g 6.36g
Sodium 8.05mg 26.8mg

No added sugar, yeast, gluten, salt or artificial colours

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